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28 – 29 SEP 2024

Ultra Trail Running in Southern Östergötland





The mind is stimulated while the body is allowed to work on the Östgöta Ultra Trail , and we have chosen the areas west of Kisa for their beautiful viewpoints, paths, and lakes to enhance this. You get to cross logs and rocks, meet nice officials , and go boating on the way to your destination. When you cross the finish line, you are given food, drink, and a medal, as well as time to talk and hang out with fellow runners.


We invite you to share your experience with us!

The Runs


Take on the challenge with a single lap on the fine ÖUT trail​ and run over logs and rocks, mountains and slopes, along lakes and fast gravel roads.

Experience the unique boat passage and stay then for a while after the race and cheer on other runners a little extra while you eat and recover

Start Sunday 29/9 kl. 08:00

600 SEK


This is the challenge for those who are not satisfied with a single lap but would like to go up "Martin's slope of hell" twice and believe that boat trips are very fun.

We provide the same excellent service as on a single lap, and you can also have a drop bag and receive an extra piece of food before you go out on the second loop.

Start Saturday 28/9 kl. 19:00


750 SEK


The ultimate ÖUT experience, with the opportunity to enjoy the view and night running over three laps in the same race. Will you make it to the finish line?

You will thus have the opportunity to meet us twice, and we will have the opportunity to pep and support you as you test your limits on one of Sweden's most reluctant 100 mile races.

Start Saturday 28/9 kl. 07:00


950 SEK

Here you will soon find GPX, Roadbook and PM.

Practical Info


Here is where it all happens

All races take place on ÖUT's one-of-a-kind track, which will be 55 kilometres long in 2022. Depending on the level of difficulty, you can run one, two, or three laps. The route takes you along ancient, unpaved paths that lead to lookout points and down to fresh water. We combine Östgötaleden's orange markings with our own signs, arrows, and flags in order to make it easy to find. In addition to the options, you will receive a GPX file to store in your watch or phone. We have generous maximum times for your challenge, so you can run until the organizers fall asleep on Sunday night! Read the Roadbok for more details about the track, see the map and get the GPX-file when available. 

Maximum time

Målet för samtliga distanser stänger kl 19 på söndag kväll. det innebär maxtider på 11, 24 och 36 timmar för de tre distanserna. Kommer du i mål senare och så länge vi finns på plats så får du förstås en medalj och något att äta också!

A boat on a trail race, really?

Have you ever raced across a lake in a rowing boat? This is a one-of-a-kind feature at ÖUT that adds to the overall experience. After 44 kilometres, you must rely on the boat to continue on the other side. If you run several laps, you will have several chances to break records in the fastest overpass!

UTMB Index

UTMB Index All distances at ÖUT give points that contribute to your UTMB Index and give you the opportunity to sign up for one of the races at UTMB in Chamonix. Read about rules for UTMB/CCC/OCC here, and for TDS/ETC/MCC/YCC here.


The trail begins at Grönebo camp ground, which is located near Lake Glimmingen just outside Kisa. It is simple to get there; you can drive all the way there, cycle there, or walk from Kisa. On foot, the city center is 9 kilometers away.

The magical bib

You are welcome to pick up your bib at Grönebo; exact times are specified in the PM we send out a week before the event.

Pop-up parking

A large lawn adjacent to the Grönebo camp ground can be used as parking during the weekend. This is the ideal location for parking your vehicle because, yes, there aren't many other options!

If you want to stay over night

It is possible to spend the night with a motor home, caravan, or tent on the lawn that serves as the car park for free. Other forms of accommodation are also permitted, the choice is yours.

When you got to go...

There will be dry toilets adjacent to the area.

Finisher's get a wooden medal
Meal and drinks at the finish line


Throughout the weekend, our devoted officials will be strategically placed along the course to encourage and assist you. Do you want to be a part of the team as a functionary? What a blast! Send an email to and we'll tell you more and invite you!






 600 sek

750 sek

950 sek

 29/9 08:00

 28/9 19:00

 28/9 07:00

ÖUT stories

"With a few hours of perspective on the race, it was actually absolutely amazing. But I sign #jävlabanchef! Thank you for a great event !!"

Sara, 52k 2021

"I wish for a 100 Miler next year:)"   

(ÖUT: You got it this year!)

Magnus, 104k 2021

"#%&! head of the course! The course was adventurously fun the first lap, but awful second. But in retrospect, it's just awesome that I managed it!!"

Juliette, 104k 2021

"Many thanks for a great event and especially the food before we went home on the night!!"

Niclas, 104k 2021




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